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Top Ten Most Visited World Heritage Sites in the U.S.

by Jordan Simon. Posted Sep 12th 2009 02:15 PM

Chris Hondros, Getty Images

Since 1972, UNESCO has annually declared World Heritage Sites to identify and preserve humankind's most significant natural, historic and cultural attractions. The 890 designated spots (to date) met rigorous selection criteria assessed by international judging panels, a process even more complex than Olympic bids.
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Secrets of National Parks

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted May 12th 2009 05:17 PM

Too many national park vacations are exercises in contradictions: explorations of the natural world...spent mostly in the car. A search for a tranquil Eden...in the company of hundreds of other photo-snappers. But the national parks are more than Mother Earth's answer to the fast-food drive-through: Get out and explore by foot (or raft, or kayak, or bike), and you'll be rewarded with a more fulfilling experience. Here, park insiders-rangers, guides, neighbors, and others-give us their best advice on how to avoid the crowds and even save a bit of money at a selection of ten parks, some well-known like Yellowstone, others way off the beaten path, like Canyonlands National Park in Utah.
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