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50 Places to Drink Local Brews in 50 States

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Apr 7th 2014 04:44 PM
Vine Street Pub
Vine Street Pub
A belated happy National Beer Day to you! While not an official holiday (yet), April 7 commemorates the day in 1933 when low-alcohol beer became legal as Prohibition was slowly repealed, according to the Los Angeles Times.

While National Beer Day 2104 has passed, we recognize the eternal importance of being able to enjoy beer in a manner more dignified than reaching into your fridge and cracking open a Keystone Light tall boy (not judging -- we've all been there). So Aol Travel and our colleagues at MapQuest compiled this list of a special spots to drink a great local beer in each state (and Washington, DC because we have offices in the area and insight into where to drink nearby).
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Points of Interest: Philly Restaurant No Servz Cat Meat, Jennifer Lawrence and the Hotel Maid

by Zach Everson. Posted Dec 19th 2013 09:46 AM
A *Chinchilla cat
Getty Images
A Philadelphia restaurant falsely accused of serving cat meat, a hotel maid finding Jennifer Lawrence's adult playthings and the Centers for Disease Control issuing a warning about travel to St. Martin are among today's points of interest.
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Wyoming Fall Foliage Drive

by Brian Kevin. Posted Oct 3rd 2013 03:00 PM
teton range reflection on jenny lake
Shutterstock / Krishna.Wu
Famous for its simmering thermal features and abundant wildlife, the greater Yellowstone ecosystem doesn't get a lot of love for its trees, and with good reason. The high elevation of the world's first national park and surrounding area makes for a rather dull palette of tall, straight conifers, which keep their evergreen needles all year long. But just south of Yellowstone, in Grand Teton National Park, the comparatively low and wet valley known as Jackson Hole nurses immense stands of aspens, willows and cottonwoods that explode with color in the fall.
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Top 10 Dude Ranch Vacations

by Janna Graber. Posted Mar 22nd 2011 07:00 AM
dude ranch vacations

Hunewill Ranch

Horseback riding, gorgeous scenery, downtime and tasty meals are all part of a dude ranch vacation. There are no TVs, phones or other distractions at most ranches, but ah heck, you won't miss them anyway. You'll be too busy having fun.
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