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How to Travel Like A Pro: The Minnesota Vikings

by Aefa Mulholland. Posted Dec 9th 2010 12:41 PM
How to Travel Like A Pro: The Minnesota Vikings

Matthew Stockman, Getty Images

You might think cramming the Little League team, their gear and the snacks into the bus for a trip across town is a challenge, but that's nothing compared to getting a major league sports team, plus crew and equipment ready and off to an away game. We asked Luther Hippe, Director of Operations of the NFL's Minnesota Vikings what it takes to pack for 53.
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Dublin with Tweens: A Perfect Family Day

by Larissa Ovitt. Posted Aug 30th 2010 12:55 PM
Dublin with Tweens: A Family Vacation

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Dublin, Ireland may not have been on the top of your list for a family vacation with tweens, but the city is very family-friendly. It is filled with attractions and destinations, including museums, zoos and parks, that appeal to visitors of all ages. It may seem a bit more challenging to find family vacation ideas in Dublin, so I've put together a few simple suggestions for the perfect family day in Dublin with your tweens.

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