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Want a Great Hotel Deal? Ask Your Airline

by Sarah Rose. Posted Oct 31st 2010 10:16 PM

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You may have noticed when you logged on to book a plane ticket that your airline also let you book a hotel room right on their site. But is this one-stop-shopping such a good idea? A lot of travelers seem to think so.
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Safe and Dangerous Places in Park City

by Kirsten Sparks. Posted Oct 5th 2010 09:09 PM
Areas to Avoid Park City


Originally founded in the early 1880s as a mining town, Park City, Utah has grown into a world class summer and winter resort town. The city is comprised of high income housing, summer and vacation rental residences, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. In fact, Park City is one of the most affluent ski towns in the United States and contains more vacation housing than regular residences. As a result, Park City's overall crime rate remains low. However, in order to stay extra safe, you'll need to be aware of some areas to avoid in Park City.
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Adventure Activities in Park City -- Try if You Dare

by Kirsten Sparks. Posted Sep 18th 2010 02:15 PM
Adventure Activity Park City

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Park City, Utah, is known for its serene beauty, elegant hotels and spas, and great outdoor activities. You can hike, mountain bike, ski, or relax while taking in the beautiful mountain scenery.

But, what if you are looking for some rip-roaring, heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping thrill rides that leave you screaming for more? Look no further; Park City has it all. Read on to see the top five thrilling adventure activities in Park City we dare you to try.
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Park City with Teens: A Perfect Family Day

by Kirsten Sparks. Posted Aug 30th 2010 03:17 PM
Park City with Teens: A Family Vacation


While a family vacation in Park City, Utah offers a limitless variety of activities and experiences, it can sometimes be difficult to find activities that will keep teens interested and entertained. Below are a few suggestions that will guarantee a fun-filled family vacation in Park City with teens.
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Park City with Tweens: A Perfect Family Day

by Kirsten Sparks. Posted Aug 30th 2010 01:20 PM
Park City with Tweens: A Family Vacation

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Park City, Utah is made for outstanding summer and winter family vacations, but it can be a challenge to find activities that tweens love and are fun for the rest of the family. Below is an itinerary for a perfect vacation day in Park City with tweens.

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