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Fun Places to Get a Sugar Fix

by Jen A. Miller. Posted Jan 20th 2011 02:30 PM
Fun Places to Get a Sugar Fix

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Got a sweet tooth? Here are four places in the U.S. to satisfy that craving – in a fun, colorful way.
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Five Tips for an Affordable Myrtle Beach Vacation

by McLean Robbins. Posted Nov 29th 2010 10:55 AM
Affordable Myrtle Beach Vacation

Myrtle Beach is one of America's most popular family-friendly destinations. And while it doesn't have a reputation for being as expensive as, say, Disney World, costs can still add up ... particularly if you're trying to fit a lot of activities like golf or shows into your schedule.

Still, it's quite possible to enjoy an affordable Myrtle Beach vacation that the whole family can enjoy. Follow these five cost-saving tips:
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Best Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

by Shawn Douglas. Posted Nov 26th 2010 10:10 AM
Best restaurants in Myrtle Beach

As a popular tourist destination, Myrtle Beach draws in folks from around the world, many with varying tastes. Myrtle Beach restaurants have slowly been trying to cater to those many tastes with an increasing variety of culinary styles. But what are some of the best restaurants in Myrtle Beach? AOL Travel does some digging to find out.
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Affordable Hotels in Myrtle Beach

by Shawn Douglas. Posted Nov 24th 2010 08:00 AM
affordable hotels in myrtle beach

As an increasingly popular tourist destination on the U.S. East Coast, Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer the traveler. With golden sand beaches, a recently constructed boardwalk, and full-fledged shopping, vacationers flock to the numerous Myrtle Beach hotels year round. But what are the quality affordable hotels in Myrtle Beach?
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Five Great Myrtle Beach Hotels

by McLean Robbins. Posted Nov 19th 2010 09:34 AM
Where to Stay in Myrtle Beach - Hotels

Planning a beach vacation? Why not consider the Grand Strand, featuring more than 60 miles of white sandy beaches in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach has long been one of the country's most popular beach destinations, beloved by families and singles alike for its variety of attractions, warm temperatures and budget-friendly hotel accommodations. We'll help you figure out where to stay in Myrtle Beach.

Here, find five great Myrtle beach hotel options:

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