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Cincinnati with Teens: A Perfect Family Day

by Tonia Steinkamp. Posted Oct 5th 2010 12:40 PM
Cincinnati with Teens: A Family Vacation


If you find yourself traveling about the Queen City and at a loss for things to do in Cincinnati with teens, don't panic. This lively riverfront city offers many affordable and entertaining activities that can transform a typical vacation into a family adventure. If you're in Cincinnati with teens, or if a visit is impending, try the following ideas out on your kids and cross your fingers for a perfect family day.

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Happy Hour in Cincinnati

by Tonia Steinkamp. Posted Oct 4th 2010 09:22 PM
Happy Hour Cincinnati

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In recent years, Cincinnati, Ohio has been striving to revitalize the downtown area. Attempting to keep people in the city after work has resulted in a vast array of happy hour specials in Cincinnati local bars and restaurants. Whether you are in the mood for something upscale or something casual, it can be found in the downtown area. This short list will help you find the best happy hour in Cincinnati.
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Cincinnati Mythbusters

by Erin Gilbert. Posted Sep 22nd 2010 08:46 PM
Cincinnati Mythbusters

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Many unexpected and scary urban legends pose quite a challenge for Cincinnati mythbusters. Because visitors (and locals, too!) often find it hard to distinguish fact from fiction, I've done my best to expose Queen City lore for what it is. Sometimes, however, the facts are inconclusive. In these cases, you'll have to decide for yourself what is Cincinnati urban myth and what is not. Either way, you're likely to agree that the following places have a certain "spook-factor" to them.
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Cincinatti with Kids: A Perfect Family Day

by Julie Wainscott. Posted Sep 9th 2010 06:36 PM
Cincinnati with Kids: A Family Vacation


A fun-filled day in Cincinnati, Ohio, is exactly what you and your children need. With all of the activities here, the city is virtually a big playground that you and your family must explore. I have lived in this area for three decades and have experienced life here as both a child and a parent, so read on for an insider's guide to the perfect family vacation day in Cincinnati with kids.
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5 Best Photo Opportunities in Cincinnati

by Carol Rucker. Posted Sep 8th 2010 03:22 PM
Photo Opportunities Cincinnati

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If you're keen on travel photography and are looking for interesting photo opportunities, Cincinnati, Ohio is the place to visit. The city has all the usual amusement parks, zoos and museums, each with picture-perfect photo ops. But for an authentic "Queen City" experience, grab your camera, track down the locations listed below and click away.
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