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Five Great Cities for a Last-Minute Weekend Getaway to North Carolina

by McLean Robbins. Posted Nov 15th 2010 11:31 AM
last-minute weekend getaway to North Carolina

When considering last-minute weekend getaways, put North Carolina at the top of your list! There is so much to choose from in this beautiful state that is known for its beaches, mountains and true southern hospitality. Whether you're searching for a beach vacation, a city escape, or a mountain getaway, there's something for every taste and budget. We've detailed a few of our favorite suggestions and travel tips for your last-minute weekend getaway to North Carolina:

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Adventure Activities in Charlotte - Try if You Dare

by Elizabeth Moore. Posted Sep 27th 2010 06:55 PM
Adventure Activity Charlotte

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According to "The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Story," General Cornwallis referred to what is now the city of Charlotte, N.C., as "a Hornet's Nest of rebellion" during the Revolutionary War. Today, Charlotte retains "Hornet's Nest" as one of its nicknames and is a city replete with adventure. Visitors are likely to find more than one adventure activity in Charlotte that tests their threshold for thrills. Try one of these Charlotte adventures, and see if you can pass for a native hornet.
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Charlotte Slang

by Karan Moses Robinson. Posted Sep 23rd 2010 06:56 PM
Charlotte Slang

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Although Charlotte may not be among the top 10 tourist destinations, it still offers much to do. From seeing a play, a musical or concert at any of the numerous venues around the city to screaming on roller coasters, entertainment is always close by. Whether you're going to the concert of a world famous musician or viewing the exhibit of an up and coming artist, here are some Charlotte slang to help you fit in like one of the locals.
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Charlotte with Teens: A Perfect Family Day

by Karan Moses Robinson. Posted Aug 31st 2010 01:09 PM
Charlotte with Teens: A Family Vacation


Charlotte, North Carolina is a city that's full of things to do for visitors of all ages, including teenagers. So if you're planning a family vacation in Charlotte with teens, don't give them the chance to say there is nothing to do. Just set the clock early and show them!
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Safe and Dangerous Places in Charlotte

by Jennifer Perkins. Posted Aug 16th 2010 02:21 PM
Areas to Avoid Charlotte


Charlotte, N.C., is one of the fastest-growing cities of the Southeast. With an increase in population comes an increase in crime; but don't that let deter you from visiting Charlotte. The city has so many distinct and inviting areas that it continues to draw many tourists each year. With so many popular attractions and beautiful neighborhoods, it is evident the safe areas clearly outnumber the areas to avoid in Charlotte.
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