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Fourth of July Celebrations: Eight Quintessentially American Independence Festivities

by Rebecca Dolan. Posted Jun 27th 2011 03:30 PM
Fourth of July Celebrations: Seven Quintessentially American Independence Festivities

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It may be the most American of celebrations, but the Fourth of July is not welcomed the same way by everyone. Sure, the mention of Independence Day conjures up images of smoking grills, flag waving kids, and stars and stripes, but the ways of celebrating the holiday are as diverse as the people who live from sea to shining sea.
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U.S. Regional Foods You Might Not Know About

by Rebecca Dolan. Posted Jan 21st 2011 01:08 PM
U.S. Regional Foods You Might Not Know About

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Philadelphia has cheesesteaks, Chicago lays claim to the deep dish pizza, and Boston serves up some of the most recognizable chowder around. But, have you ever heard of coffee milk or Polish boys? Here we take a look at some lesser known U.S. regional food specialties. You might not have encountered them before, but you're going to want to get a bite soon.
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Top Spots For Goofy Travel Photo Fun

by Jen A. Miller. Posted Dec 30th 2010 01:52 PM

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Taking the goofy tourist photo while you travel is a staple when chronicling your adventures. Here's five top places that you just can't pass up the opporunity for a little photo fun.
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St. Louis Slang

by Joanna Campbell Slan. Posted Oct 26th 2010 11:31 AM
St. Louis Slang

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If the United States had a belly button, that central spot would be St. Louis, Miss. It has been called the "northern-most of southern and the southern-most of northern" cities with good reason. Visitors quickly discover that St. Louis blends Midwestern hospitality, ethnic influences and historic roots with a quirky sort of one-off charm. This is revealed in large part by common St. Louis slang, and whether you come to "the Lou" to see the Mardi Gras celebration (largest in the Midwest), the sports teams (Best Sports City, rated by The Sporting News) or the mosaics (largest installation in the world), you're bound to hear some intriguing local lingo. St. Louis visitors can avoid awkward conversations with locals by adding the following slang phrases to their repertoires.
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Happy Hour in St. Louis

by Evan C. Jones. Posted Aug 30th 2010 04:21 PM
Happy Hour St. Louis

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Happy hour in St. Louis isn't just a time of day or an excuse for cocktails in a local bar: it's an institution. Home of the world-famous Anheuser-Busch Brewery, as well as microbrewery powerhouse Schlafly, the city has long had a strong alcohol pedigree. So prepare yourself before heading out to explore St. Louis' lounge bars and happy hour restaurants. Here are six favorite spots for happy hour in St. Louis.
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