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Resorts in Hawaii

by Shawn Douglas. Posted Jan 21st 2011 10:36 AM
resorts in Hawaii

While catching waves and bumming around on the beach are favorite pasttimes for travelers to Hawaii, for others the lush tropical environment begs for relaxing in the lap of luxury. And thus exist numerous resorts in Hawaii for lovers of fine things.
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Hawaii Cruises

by Shawn Douglas. Posted Dec 15th 2010 02:56 PM
Hawaii Cruises

So you're thinking about taking a cruise to or from Hawaii? The call of warm weather, diverse culture, and excellent food sways millions of people every year to visit Hawaii. Cruises to and from the islands are plentiful, but what do you need to know before booking one? AOL Travel gives you a few friendly pointers.
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Safe and Dangerous Places in Honolulu

by Katherine Johnson. Posted Oct 4th 2010 09:43 PM
Areas to Avoid Honolulu


Honolulu, Oahu's urban center in the midst of paradise, is well known for its pristine beaches and year-round sunny weather. Areas to avoid in Honolulu are few, as it does not have major gang or gun problems like many large cities, but outdoor recreation can provide plenty of dangerous places for those not aware of the risks.

According to the Honolulu Police Department, Honolulu's violent crime rate is much lower than other large cities. The police are visible and have a strong presence throughout the city. Nearly all of their violent crimes cases have been solved, but Honolulu dangers still include car break-ins and people driving while intoxicated. Honolulu is a very safe city to visit and you should feel comfortable knowing you do not have to fear for your safety.

Remembering to lock your car doors, removing valuables from your car, and never leaving valuables unattended on the beach will set you on your way to a safe and trouble-free vacation. A little bit of common sense and prevention will go a long way when visiting Honolulu.
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Honolulu Mythbusters

by Jessica Panian. Posted Aug 31st 2010 01:13 PM
Honolulu Mythbusters

Getty Images

With a cultural history rich in mythology, folklore and ancient gods, Honolulu has spawned several scary urban legends and superstitions that will have you thinking twice about venturing out alone at night. No matter where you travel on the island, you will hear these well-known urban myths of Honolulu. Mythbusters have debated their validity. Read for yourself and be the judge.
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Honolulu Slang

by Sharon A. Takiguchi. Posted Aug 31st 2010 01:01 PM
Honolulu Slang

Getty Images

Understanding Honolulu slang means understanding the history and culture of Hawaii. In Honolulu, local language is a mix of dialects, vocabulary and accents from all over the world, thanks mainly to huge levels of immigration. Honolulu's local lingo is often referred to as "pidgin English" or "creole," meaning a combination of English, Hawaiian and other languages.
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