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Where to Go in February

by Elizabeth Brady. Posted Jan 26th 2011 03:00 PM
Where to go in February

AI_HikesAZ, Flickr

February marks the peak of winter doldrums for most people – cold temperatures, dreary weather, and the onset of cabin fever after months of short days.

But on the bright side, the shortest month of the year is also sprinkled with plenty of reasons to escape on a trip, including Valentine's Day and President's Day Weekend. Packages and pricing tailored for those dates are widely available. Many winter sport destinations experience their best conditions in February, and there are plenty of warm weather options for those looking to get some sunshine. Here are our recommendations for where to go in the month of February.
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Sedona with Kids: A Perfect Family Day

by Amanda Castleman. Posted Oct 19th 2010 05:50 PM
Sedona with Kids: A Family Vacation


Arizona's Red Rock landscape forms a vast natural playground that is great for family vacations. Anyone visiting Sedona with kids will find fresh wonder in this desert landscape, including natural waterslides, Spanish pastries and Wild West hide-and-seek among the crimson buttes. Or just the simple joy of a clear sky full of bright shining stars. The following are some family vacation ideas to make your Sedona adventure your best family vacation yet.
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5 Best Photo Opportunities in Sedona

by Amanda Castleman. Posted Oct 19th 2010 05:50 PM
Photo Opportunities Sedona

Lee Van Grack

Popular among New Age spiritualists, Arizona's red rock country also draws shutterbugs eager to capture the scarlet landscape, sculpted by wind and water into fantastical spires, pinnacle and buttes... and these are just some of the great photo opportunities Sedona has to offer. A primal sea once flowed and retreated here, pancaking ancient sand dunes into layers of sedimentary stone, each a subtly different shade. Salmon. Ruby. Claret. Carnelian. Garnet. Magenta. This scenic overload leaves poets fumbling for words and photographers racing for tripods and filters. The following are five of the best photos ops in Sedona:
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Sedona Slang

by Perri Kim. Posted Oct 4th 2010 09:51 PM
Sedona Slang

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If you are planning a trip to Sedona, learn a few Sedona slang terms and phrases. Otherwise, you might find yourself lost in the sometimes mysterious New Age-laced local lingo.

"Sedona" itself is a peculiar name with an interesting story. The story goes that Theodore Schnebly, one of the founders of the town, submitted his wife's name for approval as the city's name, after two other names were deemed too long to comply with postal standards. Succinct and post office-worthy, the name "Sedona" was approved in 1902.
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Adventure Activities in Sedona -- Try if You Dare

by Melanie Kiser. Posted Sep 15th 2010 02:28 PM
Adventure Activity Sedona

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If you're looking to add an adventure activity to your trip in Sedona, these are a few ideas that will add some breath-holding to Sedona's already breathtaking scenery.
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