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Best Places to Unplug

by Sarah Rose. Posted Feb 3rd 2011 12:31 PM
In a wired world, peace and quiet have become luxuries. Some hotels have caught on and now offer a lack of service as the ultimate indulgence -- no phones, no televisions, limited internet, and sometimes even no electricity. We selected the top places to unplug and go low-tech or even no-tech. So turn off the cellphone, close the laptop, then kick back, relax and enjoy the ahhhhhhh.
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Hotels with History

by Chanize Thorpe. Posted Mar 5th 2010 11:58 AM

Relais La Suvera

If you like a side of history with your travel, you'll get it at these inns and hotels that all have an intriguing past. Some are as tame as a former convent while others have scandalous previous lives like, say, serving as the den of iniquity for an infamous Colombian drug lord. Renovations have transformed them all into visitor-friendly places with comfortable rooms that may distract from some dubious beginnings. But you can't completely wipe away the fingerprints of criminals or the memories of a Titanic survivor. So go ahead and book a stay at these 10 hotels and be transported back to dreamy Victorian days or dark medieval nights.
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