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by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Dec 17th 2013 11:00 AM
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When Santa Rinpoche Came to Town

When I was young, I was a stickler for Christmas traditions. If my father forgot to wear the Santa Claus hat, I pouted. If we didn't watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," I cried. If hot cocoa wasn't served with breakfast, I was capable of a four-star conniption. Dinner was roast goose or Yorkshire pudding -- any substitutions and I about lost my mind. Read full story>>

Christmas in Cappadocia

I used to hate Christmas. Christmas was not a happy time in the McLachlan household. A holiday that emphasized the joys of family did not go over well with a group of people who couldn't stand each other. Gifts were grudgingly given and indifferently received. The turkey was consumed in edgy silence. The worst of it all was that everyone was expected to paste on smiles and pretend they were having a great time. Read full story>>
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8 Thanksgiving Parades, Ranked

by Zach Everson. Posted Nov 28th 2013 08:47 AM
Thanskgiving parade on Broadway, New York, with balloon with animal shapes, illustration by Damblans from french paper 'Le Peler
In terms of Thanksgiving traditions, taking in a parade is right up there with eating turkey, watching football and grimacing as a distant relative drinks too much and drops an off-color joke in front of the kids table.

Here are America's top eight Thanksgiving parades, ranked.
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Experience the East Coast's Crappy Thanksgiving Travel, via Instagram

by Zach Everson. Posted Nov 27th 2013 11:41 AM
Are you the type of person who likes to vicariously experience other people's travel misery? If so,
  • What's wrong with you?
  • You're in the right place.
These Instagram photos show East Coast travelers trying to deal with both the Thanksgiving crowds and a massive storm.
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Points of Interest: TSA Collects Your Loose Change, Civil Rights Group Collects TSA Complaints

by Zach Everson. Posted Nov 27th 2013 09:56 AM
The TSA having more than $500,000 of travelers' loose change, a civil rights coalition updating its app for TSA complaints and airport food suddenly getting good are today's points of interest:
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Home for the Holidays: The Great Belgian Pumpkin Pie Massacre

by Kimberley Lovato. Posted Nov 27th 2013 08:00 AM
Holiday background image of all that remains of a delicious piece of pumpkin pie.  Plate with crumbs and used fork on wood backg
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As a single working mother of twins in the '70s, my mother planned meals based on available coupons and recipes that had no more than four steps; if they could be prepared in fewer -- freezer to microwave to table -- that was even better. Thanksgiving dinner was no exception.
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