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Adventure Activities in Tampa -- Try if You Dare

by Jessica Panian. Posted Oct 5th 2010 11:35 AM
Adventure Activity Tampa

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Thrill-seeking in Tampa, Florida will most likely lead you to the water. This should come as no surprise considering just how much water there is in and around the city. You have the Gulf Coast to the west, Tampa Bay at its heart, and even the land surrounding the city is swampy. If you are looking for an adventure activity in Tampa that will give you a quick adrenalin boost, take a look at this list and find the perfect activity for the most daring, and even the most timid, of thrill-seekers.
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5 Best Photo Opportunities in Tampa Bay

by Nanette Wiser. Posted Sep 27th 2010 08:02 PM
Photo Opportunities Tampa Bay

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There are no bad photo opportunities in Tampa Bay. Sunsets along the miles of Gulf Coast and Key West beckon, and downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg are postcard picture perfect. Some snapshot hotspots we love include:
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Safe and Dangerous Places in Tampa

by Sheryl Young. Posted Sep 14th 2010 02:00 PM
Areas to Avoid Tampa


Tampa, Fla., and the surrounding area is considered a beautiful place to live and visit. Tampa is a popular tourist destination thanks to its geographic location, the nearby beaches of St. Petersburg and Clearwater and tourist attractions that include Busch Gardens and professional sports arenas.

Naturally, there will be a certain amount of criminal activity, as in any major metropolitan area or generally safe city in America. Tampa has certain neighborhoods that can present tourists with danger. However, according to the Morgan Quitno report on the safest cities in the US, Tampa makes the cut.

According to TampaBay.com, one of Tampa' major news sources, the statistics collected from the Tampa Police Department and other government agencies show that in 2009, violent crime dropped more than 12% and other crimes dropped more than 15%. This was the seventh year in a row the city saw a decrease in crime.

We'll first take a look at the safe places in Tampa, and then look at the statistics about the most dangerous spots that visitors should consider areas to avoid in Tampa. We've also got tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of crime.
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Tampa with Teens: A Perfect Family Day

by Shellie Braeuner. Posted Aug 24th 2010 07:00 PM
Tampa with Teens: A Family Vacation


Tampa, Fla. is a beautiful city on Tampa Bay. The city is located on a peninsula that pushes into the bay. St. Petersburg is just across the bridge with many additional attractions. A vacation to Tampa with teens is definitely worth while. With Busch Gardens and Adventure Island, both lovely and fun theme parks, there is more for the family to do in Tampa than just stand in line for the latest ride.
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