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Daytona Beach Spring Break for the College Crowd

by Gerard Walen. Posted Jan 10th 2011 11:14 AM
daytona beach spring break

Daytona Beach and spring break go back a long way. The college kids heading there this year may be shaking the same sand off their flip-flops that their grandparents once kicked around on their spring breaks. Myriad reasons keep bringing students back year after year for a Daytona Beach spring break – mainly sun, sand, water and fun!
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When is Spring Break 2011?

by Meg Massie. Posted Dec 10th 2010 12:05 PM
When is Spring Break?

Whether you're in school, have kids in school, or not, planning your Spring vacations will revolve around one question: when is Spring Break? Obviously if your travel revolves around a school calendar, this is important information, but even if you have all the flexibility in the world, it will still help you to be aware of the Spring Break schedule. Prices are higher and crowds can be out of control during this brief party season, so you may want to avoid Spring Break travel if you can -- or maybe you're looking to crash a party and pick up a coed. Hey, we won't judge. Here's what you need to know about Spring Break travel.
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