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Final Four Travel: Your Guide to Fan Stardom in Atlanta

by MapQuest Discover. Posted Mar 29th 2013 02:31 PM
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This year Atlanta, Georgia plays host to the biggest weekend in basketball -- but there's plenty more going on beyond the court in this city. With the world's busiest airport, a diverse population of a half-mill, and a hip Southern charm, it's called Hotlanta for more than just the weather.
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Eight Travel Tips for Bowl Game Travelers

by Chris Gray Faust. Posted Dec 6th 2012 08:55 AM

Even before college football wrapped up its regular season, die-hard fans looked ahead to postseason play, in the hopes that their team landed a coveted bowl game berth. While the date and place play a prominent role - New Year's Day provides the most excitement, preferably someplace warm - many people follow their teams to the finish, no matter where that might be.
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