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Points of Interest: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Searchers Detect Signals

by Zach Everson. Posted Apr 7th 2014 09:31 AM
Australia Malaysia Plane
Associated PressThis image provided by the Joint Agency Coordination Centre on April 7, shows a map indicating the locations of search vessels looking for signs of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean. An Australian official overseeing the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane said underwater sounds picked up by equipment on an Australian navy ship are consistent with transmissions from black box recorders on a plane.
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 searchers detecting signals is among today's points of interest.
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Points of Interest: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Search Shifts Westward

by Zach Everson. Posted Mar 14th 2014 09:37 AM
Malaysia Plane
Associated Press
The Malaysia Airlines flight 370 search shifting westward is among today's points of interest.
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WhatsApp Founder Pushed Facebook Through Merger to Avoid Losing Flight Ticket Booked with Awards Points

by Zach Everson. Posted Feb 26th 2014 01:30 PM
Spain Wireless Show
Associated Press
WhatsApp founder Jan Koum was on the verge of selling his company to Facebook for $19 billion. On the cusp of one of the biggest deals in tech history -- and becoming a billionaire at age 37 -- what was he worried about? Having to cancel a flight he'd booked with awards points.
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Points of Interest: Pre-Olympics Toothpaste-Tube Bomb Warning, Wingman App Facilities In-Flight Pickups

by Zach Everson. Posted Feb 6th 2014 10:02 AM
Airlines warned of possible toothpaste-tube bombs ahead of the Olympics, an app that facilities in-flight pick-ups and a TSA officer at Bush IAH arrested and accused of making a terroristic threat are among today's points of interest.
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Scott Schuman's The Sartorialist: Episode 2, Madrid

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Sep 16th 2013 11:00 AM
One of the reasons we love to travel is to experience cultures different from ours, whether that be across the world or across the state. Go just a few miles and everything can change -- food, drink, language, customs, weather and even the clothes people wear (or don't). For the next 12 weeks, we'll be following along with Scott Schuman, fashion photographer and blogger, also known as "The Sartorialist," as he explores the differences in fashion and culture around the world.

This week, Schuman heads to Madrid, Spain, to explore the fashion and culture behind the sport of bullfighting. Check out what he learns, below.

Bullfighters: The Sartorialist For AOL On
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