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Points of Interest: Afghanistan's Jihad Museum and the Tom Waits Map

by Zach Everson. Posted Mar 6th 2014 09:50 AM
AFP/Getty Images
Afghanistan's Jihad Museum, an interactive map of every location mentioned In Tom Waits's songs and a dating startup wanting to fly New York City women to meet San Francisco men are among today's points of interest.
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'The Bachelor': 6 Travel Dates Juan Pablo Should Seriously Consider

by David Moss. Posted Feb 27th 2014 02:28 PM
ABC via Getty ImagesJuan Pablo's took Renee to Sarasota, Florida earlier in season 18 of The Bachelor. He can do better (destination-wise anyway).
While The Bachelor's contestants insist the show is about being "vulnerable," "ready for love" and a perennial "good sport," the rest of us know it's all about escape­ -- escape from social norms, from conventional rules of courtship and from sanity. And it's also about escape to exotic places. Travel always has been a reliable way to boost the show's drama, but with this year's Bachelor being the most international to date, we thought of a few ways Juan Pablo Galavis could turn the exploration factor up to diez.
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Points of Interest: Fanny Packs Tip Off Airbnb Host to Male Prostitutes

by Zach Everson. Posted Nov 19th 2013 11:02 AM
Fanny pack / bum bag
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Fanny packs tipping off an Airbnb host that male prostitutes were present, the FAA discovering commercial pilots lack manual-flying skills and a bomb threat causing a plane to be evacuated are today's points of interest:
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Destin-Nation South Africa: The Ultimate Surf and Turf

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Jun 30th 2011 07:30 AM
Destin-Nation South Africa: The Ultimate Surf and Turf


The southern tip of Africa is dense with parks, panoramas and possibilities. The only thing likely to constrain adventurers here is their own physical limitations and phobias. White Sharks wait in the water, lions prowl on land, and tourists who so choose swim in a shallow sea of adrenaline.

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South African Baboon Bandit is Put Down

by Libby Zay. Posted Mar 28th 2011 10:00 AM
baboon south africa


A baboon notorious for robbing parked cars and stealing from tourists at a scenic Cape Town lookout has been euthanized because he has been showing increased signs of aggression, officials say.
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