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Austin Cowburn, British Tourist, Faces Caning for Singapore Groping

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Aug 1st 2011 09:15 AM


Singaporean officials may cane Austin Cowburn, a 34-year-old British tourist, for grabbing a woman's butt at a nightclub earlier this year.
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Destin-Nation Singapore: The Ultimate Foodie Nation?

by Rebecca Ballhaus. Posted Jun 13th 2011 07:30 AM

Courtesy Leslie Tay

While Singapore may be widely known for its stringent laws, it has also long been revered for its cuisine - so much so, in fact, that a common greeting in the country is, "Have you eaten yet?"
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Airport Worker Fined for Taking Bribes

by Libby Zay. Posted Apr 14th 2011 10:30 AM


A passenger service assistant working at Changi International Airport was fined $6,700 on Thursday for accepting bribes to allow four passengers to check in excess baggage without cost.
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Luxury Train Travel: 5 Trips For Locomotive Lovers

by Rebecca Dolan. Posted Apr 13th 2011 07:00 AM
luxury train travel

Matt Hind/Orient Express

Train travel is not as glamorous as it used to be. In the States, riding the rails means crowded coach cars, cramped sleepers and quick-serve food. But, look beyond our shores and there are still some lines that evoke the glory days of traveling by train.
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British Banker Dies in Plunge from Singapore Hotel Rooftop Bar

by Libby Zay. Posted Apr 11th 2011 11:30 AM


A British banker died after plunging nearly 100 feet from the rooftop bar of a luxury hotel in Singapore.
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