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10 Most Outrageous Restaurants

by Sherri Eisenberg. Posted Jul 2nd 2010 11:30 AM
What if dinner wasn't just dinner, but entertainment to boot? These 10 restaurants from around the world offer just that: An experience in addition to your meal at no additional charge. They're all a little bit wild, and completely unforgettable. Dinner is served in the dark or in the dungeon, and drinks come via drip or presented by trained monkeys. Sure, you could choose a restaurant based on the quality of its food, but where's the fun in that? Just watch out for the ninjas.
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America's Best Budget Hotels

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Jan 23rd 2010 05:29 PM


Finding a decent hotel to fill your home-away-from-home needs-without breaking the bank-can be quite the challenge. Not only do you want to find a spot that's comfortable and conveniently located, you also want those extra amenities that make life easier, and that doesn't always translate to being easy on the pocket book. Until now. Budget hotels are popping up all across the nation, featuring five-star treats at a two to three-star prices. Check out some of our favorites to get you started, and then get your credit card ready-you're going to find yourself suddenly inspired to go on vacation!
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