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Top 5 Hotels and Resorts in the Dominican Republic

by Christopher Curley. Posted Jan 27th 2011 09:09 AM
top 5 hotels and resorts in the dominican republic

With 1,000+ miles of sandy coastline, the Dominican Republic is a beach-lover's paradise and the biggest travel destination in the Caribbean. That translates to a lot of competition, which means the top 5 resorts in the Dominican Republic represent the upper echelon of Caribbean travel. They're not all five star resorts, but that's the point -- there are great places to stay here for both the high end and budget traveler.
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Best Dominican Republic Beaches

by Christopher Curley. Posted Nov 9th 2010 12:35 PM
Best Dominican Republic Beaches

When you talk about the best Dominican Republic beaches, you're actually playing a little game: there are so many beautiful beaches dotting the country's 800 miles of coastline that it would be impossible to come up with a narrow list that meets everybody's needs. Here instead are a few of our favorite action-packed sun-spots and off-the-beaten path retreats.
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Best Affordable Resorts for Families

by Chanize Thorpe. Posted Jul 7th 2010 11:47 PM
School is barely out and you can already hear echoes of "I'm bored" throughout the land. Luckily, we can help. Here are 10 family-friendly resorts touting affordable rates as low as $47 per person a night and packages including meals and lots of activities to please even the pickiest kids that won't break the bank. Whether you take a road-trip to Vermont or Florida or hop a quick flight to the Hawaii or the Dominican Republic, you'll find these places offer tons of fun sure to keep everyone happy -- at least until it's time to go home.
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