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Three-Day Cruises: Choosing the Right One

by Shawn Douglas. Posted Feb 14th 2011 01:00 PM
three day cruises

Photo by Stephen Birch on Flickr

Are you thinking about taking a cruise but only have a small time frame to travel? Then the three-day cruise may be the perfect option for you.
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Cruises from Port Canaveral

by Gerard Walen. Posted Feb 10th 2011 01:00 PM
cruises from port canaveral

Just a few decades ago, passengers couldn't take cruises from Port Canaveral – there weren't any. But now this bustling port on the east coast of Florida offers a home to three major cruise lines with a total of six cruise ships. Most sail to the Bahamas and points farther on longer cruises. Also, Port Canaveral is a 90-minute drive from Walt Disney World and other Central Florida theme parks; that's why Disney Cruise Line berths two ships there. Here's a closer look at the cruises from Port Canaveral:
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