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America's Best Budget Beach Hotels

by Chanize Thorpe. Posted Aug 16th 2010 03:27 PM


Ah, the dog days of August. Where has the time gone? That getaway you promised yourself? Didn't happen. That long weekend of lolling around in the sun? Perhaps you spent it catching up on work instead. Thankfully there are a few weeks left to get in a last summer-beach fling before the back-to-school, back-to-work grind starts up. August is a peak vacation month for many U.S. beach areas, and that can mean that premium rates are in effect. But we've found 10 under-the-radar hotels and resorts around the country that are offering rooms for less than $150 a night that are right beside the strand.

But you better book fast. Seems like there are lots of procrastinators out there -- not that we're pointing any fingers.
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