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Songkran 2011 Celebrations in Thailand Will Usher in Wet New Year

by Shawn Douglas. Posted Mar 13th 2011 06:00 PM
songkran 2011

jhecking, Flickr

Water has universal symbolism, appearing in nearly all cultures' observances and celebrations. "Rather enigmatically, but with constant consistency, water is associated with life, death, birth, reproduction, power or even resurrection," says Mohamed Larbi Bouguerra, author of a report on the symbolism of water for the Institut Veolia Environnement. Such significances still play out today in Thailand and other countries, where the New Year brings Songkran, a water festival of great exuberance.
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Tourist Killed By Elephant in Thailand

by Fran Golden. Posted Feb 24th 2011 05:30 PM
thailand tourist elephant

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An angry elephant threw a 63-year-old Swiss tourist to the ground and trampled her to death during an eco-tour in Thailand. Four other tourists were also injured.
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