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Exploring New Orleans' French Quarter, One Classic Cocktail at a Time

by Joanne Sasvari. Posted Jul 29th 2013 03:00 PM

The room is spinning. I gaze suspiciously at the Vieux Carré cocktail in front of me, wondering just how strong it actually is. And then I realize it's not the room that's spinning --- it's me or, rather, the bar at which I am sitting.
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Festival Celebrates Tennessee Williams 100th Birthday

by Kim Foley MacKinnon. Posted Mar 8th 2011 01:00 PM
New Orleans, Tennessee Williams' adopted hometown, will pull out all the stops for the centennial celebration of the playwright's birth and the 25th anniversary of its literary festival held annually in his honor.
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New Orleans Music Scene: Where to Find the Best Beats in the Big Easy

by Christopher Curley. Posted Mar 2nd 2011 04:00 PM
New Orleans Music - Soul Rebels at Bon Temps

Stephen Kennedy, Flickr

Hundreds, if not thousands of musicians, from Louis Armstrong to Louie Prima have passed through the New Orleans music scene over the years, and there isn't another city in the country whose jazz heritage is as rich and vibrant. It's easy to think of jazz as a staid and mouldering tradition – it's certainly not a huge part of mainstream music consciousness anymore – but New Orleans' traditional jazz foundations mix with blues, hip-hop and indie rock in exciting and inventive ways that prove that jazz is not only alive and kicking, but finding a comfortable place amid its genre peers in the Crescent City.
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Six New Orleans French Quarter Hotels for Everyone

by Annemarie Dooling. Posted Feb 8th 2011 02:12 PM
new orleans french quarter hotels

Boutique, bed and breakfast or well-known tower: there are plenty of places to rest your weary feet in the French Quarter and one for every type of person. Regardless of whether you're a Mardi Gras visitor, a family of travelers, or just looking to get away for the weekend, the perfect New Orleans French Quarter hotel is waiting for you.
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