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Canyonlands National Park's Sky Islands, Mazes and Needles

by Shawn Douglas. Posted Mar 28th 2011 01:00 PM
Canyonlands National Park

Redeo, Flickr

Canyonlands National Park is a bit of a curiosity in the wide portfolio of U.S. national parks. Try and compare it to other parks - you'll be left scratching your head. And while the neighboring Arches National Park has seen a major tourist boom over the last few years, Canyonlands continues to hold its own among outdoor enthusiasts.
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America's Almost-Famous National Parks

by Nina Africano. Posted Jul 22nd 2010 04:05 PM
Last year, 285 million people visited America's National Parks, with the headliners like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Sequoia grabbing much of the attention. But for folks on the East Coast, visiting these natural wonders of the American West may be more of a road trip than time and energy allow -- picture a Griswold-style ordeal in the Family Truckster.

But with 58 National Parks (among a total of 392 protected areas) to explore, there is a family adventure waiting to happen wherever you live. Invaluable for any foray into the parks is the National Parks Service website, where you can plan activities, make necessary reservations and learn about the area's history and attractions.
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