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Ten Cheapest Places to Fly

by Danielle Contray. Posted Dec 19th 2009 11:29 AM

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There are a lot of mixed messages out there about airline prices. Some say they are up, some say they are down. Click ahead for the 10 least expensive places to fly in the US and start planning your trip. And don't worry, these are not boring out of the way destinations. The list includes everywhere from gambling hot spots to Florida beaches to California escapes.
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Top Ten Haunted Hotels

by Jordan Simon. Posted Oct 31st 2009 05:10 PM


An unexplained chill abruptly descends. A weeping lady in white appears then vanishes. Objects float across the room.

Hundreds of lodgings from grand resorts to intimate B&Bs swear the dead make themselves at home like their living guests. Many allegedly haunted hotels happily market their spectral residents to eager ghost hunters; others fear publicity will scare away customers.
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