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Wildest Places to Party in Europe

by Nomadic Matt. Posted Sep 23rd 2010 04:00 AM
When you travel, you're free of responsibilities. There's nothing holding you back. So why not throw caution to the wind and get in on these wild Europe party scenes? Whether you are in the south, the north, the east, or the west, when you travel around Europe, you'll find some the greatest and most diverse places to let loose.
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World's Best "Second" Cities

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Jun 16th 2009 03:55 PM

We like winners. Whether it's the winning army of a war or the world's fastest 100 meter runner, we lavish attention and praise on the victors and relegate the losers to the dustbin of history. The same is true of travel - the most important travel cities like New York, London, Sydney and Tokyo are favored by visitors while lesser-known destinations like Salvador, Brazil or Melbourne, Australia are skipped, scratched from the itinerary or just plain ignored.
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