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Zoo Animals on Vacation

by Sarah Rose. Posted Feb 18th 2011 05:30 PM
Zoo Animals on Vacation

Kansas City Zoo

We flock to zoos to see exotic animals from faraway lands, but those creatures may just be visiting, too. Some travel as goodwill ambassadors, others make a trip for a little long distance romance to mate and shake up the gene pool of a captive species. Here are some of our favorite critters who have taken their show on the road.
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10 Wacky Romantic Hotel Rooms

by Cheryl Lock. Posted Feb 11th 2011 11:00 AM
Wacky Romantic Hotel Rooms

synthsis, flickr

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a hotel room romantic. Maybe it's a great ocean view and a private plunge pool. Or maybe it's...a Champagne flute tub and a round bed covered in red velvet? Read on for some wacky romantic hotel rooms across the country.
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America's Splashiest Water Parks

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Jul 25th 2009 03:22 PM

Schlitterbahn Waterparks

Travel from your room to shopping, dining, and entertainment without setting foot on terra firma. No you're not on a cruise, and this isn't Venice. You're at Schlitterbahn Aquatica Water park in Orlando, Florida. When summer hits and the heat is high, one of the best ways to cool off is at a waterpark
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Midwest Weekend Getaways Under $250

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Jun 1st 2009 02:15 PM

Wondering how you can escape for a weekend, but stay within budget -- especially with the rising cost of fuel? Worry not -- there are plenty of budget-friendly travel options around the country, and especially in the Midwest, where the attractions range from big city museums to small town beaches. Here are 10 Midwestern favorites you can visit for $250 a day, or less.
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