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Europe's Hottest Secret Destinations

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Mar 16th 2011 12:00 PM

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Like a Michael Jackson dance step, classic Europe never goes out of style-but it does get more crowded. No wonder the locals leave Paris and London during the summer! Here, we spill the beans on some of the hottest, off-the-radar destinations in Europe-places that are as captivating as they are affordable and crowd-free.
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Bank of America's Free Museums Deal Returns

by Elizabeth Brady. Posted Jan 26th 2011 10:15 AM
Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Tony Rinaldo , Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Bank of America's "Museums on Us" program will be returning for a 14th season this year, allowing B of A and Merrill Lynch debit and credit cardholders free admission for themselves (after presenting their card) to 150 arts and cultural institutions around the United States. The promotion kicks off the weekend of February 5, and is effective on the first full weekend of every month in 2011.
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Off-season Travel: Things to do on the Jersey Shore

by Melanie Nayer. Posted Jan 14th 2011 01:47 PM
Off-season Travel: Things to do on the Jersey Shore

The spray-tanned, poofed-hair, fist-pumping gang of the Jersey Shore returns for season three this week, and the mayhem has already begun. MTV's reality train wreck continues to keep people pondering the fundamental questions in life: Will Sammie and Ronnie make it as a couple? Will "The Situation" up his mack-daddy status and entertain more than three women in the hot tub at a time? Can Snooki stay sober enough to get through one episode?
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New Jersey Gems?

by Janene Mascarella. Posted Jun 8th 2010 05:44 PM


Sounds like an oxymoron. A gem in New Jersey? Well, I'm here to tell you as a Jersey girl (born and raised!) that New Jersey is NOT the armpit of America. If you haven't noticed Jersey is smoking hot right now, thanks to some popular reality TV shows. Want to strike gold in the Garden State? Here are a few hidden jewels of the NJ Turnpike.
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