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Kentucky Derby vs. Indy 500: Which Race Is Best?

by David Moss. Posted Apr 29th 2014 12:22 PM
Kentucky Derby and Indianapolis 500
Kentucky Derby/Sam English and Indianapolis 500/Bret Kelley
In May, travelers in search of Americana, booze and racing have two iconic options: the Kentucky Derby (May 3) and the Indianapolis 500 (May 25). If you're overwhelmed by trying to pick one to attend, we've matched these two classic American races head-to-head in a contest for your time and money. And they're off!
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50 Places to Drink Local Brews in 50 States

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Apr 7th 2014 04:44 PM
Vine Street Pub
Vine Street Pub
A belated happy National Beer Day to you! While not an official holiday (yet), April 7 commemorates the day in 1933 when low-alcohol beer became legal as Prohibition was slowly repealed, according to the Los Angeles Times.

While National Beer Day 2104 has passed, we recognize the eternal importance of being able to enjoy beer in a manner more dignified than reaching into your fridge and cracking open a Keystone Light tall boy (not judging -- we've all been there). So Aol Travel and our colleagues at MapQuest compiled this list of a special spots to drink a great local beer in each state (and Washington, DC because we have offices in the area and insight into where to drink nearby).
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St. Patrick's Day: 17 Cities - Beyond the Obvious Ones - to Go Irish in the United States

by Susan Barnes. Posted Mar 14th 2014 04:38 PM
Parade goers are seen during the St.Patrick's day parade in Dublin, Ireland
St. Patrick's Day, the holiday when everyone -- regardless of ancestry – becomes Irish for the day is Monday, March 17. So here then are 17 U.S. cities to sip a pint, dance a jig and maybe sip another pint.
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48 Hours in South Bend, Indiana

by Madeline Buckley. Posted Mar 6th 2014 11:09 AM
USA Indiana South Bend Morris Performing Arts Center Sculpture 1921
You may only know South Bend as the city that houses the University of Notre Dame, and that's okay. The beautiful campus is a sight to behold. But look beyond the school, and you'll find a city seeking a renaissance, clawing its way out of a decades-long economic downturn. The region's factory beginnings are embedded in the architecture and culture of the city, but the post-Studebaker South Bend is looking for a new identity that combines its industrial roots with revitalization.
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French Lick, Indiana: A Visit to Larry Bird's Hometown

by Diana Lambdin Meyer. Posted Feb 14th 2014 04:03 PM
French Lick Indiana Larry Bird Boston Celtics
NBAE/Getty Images
For sports fans in Boston and in tiny French Lick, Indiana, the number 33 is sacred. With a population of 1,800, French Lick is one of those places where everybody knows everybody. And there, 33 is synonymous with French Lick's most famous native son -– Larry Bird.
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