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Adventure Vacations for Couples: 4 Great Destinations

by Annemarie Dooling. Posted Feb 9th 2011 01:30 PM
adventure vacations for couples

There are plenty of romantic vacation spots beckoning when you're planning a trip for two, but what if you're itching to spice the trip up? Adventure vacations are becoming more and more common these days and with fantastic under-discovered destinations becoming easier to get to, you've got your pick of vacation. Here are four great destination ideas for adventure vacations for couples that you can book right now.
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Grand Canyon at Grave Risk

by Melissa Burdick Harmon. Posted Sep 17th 2010 06:10 PM

Trodel, flickr

When Allison Mitkowski got married in 2005, she and her husband, Ethan, went to the Grand Canyon on their honeymoon, and they fell in love ... with the Grand Canyon. It lasted. They went back in 2007 to do a 22-mile North Rim-to-South Rim hike to celebrate a major birthday in the national park.

Finally, two years later, they decided to move to Arizona to be closer to the natural wonder. They still love the Grand Canyon. But they worry.
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Man-Made High Points

by Aefa Mulholland. Posted Sep 9th 2010 12:42 PM

Ross D. Franklin, AP

What compels humankind to keep building upwards? Competitive spirit? Capitalist drive? Whatever it is, from a tourism perspective at least, heart-stopping views are a big draw. It seems lofty lookouts, lounges and other precarious perches can provide the high point of a vacation. And the dizzying distances between the ground and the top of the world's vertigo-inducing structures -- from a skyscraping observatory at the top of the world's highest tower in Dubai to a 55th-floor infinity pool in Singapore -- just keep increasing. Where it will stop, no one knows. From observation decks to sky-high parks -- here are ten top places built for a bird's eye view.
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America's Almost-Famous National Parks

by Nina Africano. Posted Jul 22nd 2010 04:05 PM
Last year, 285 million people visited America's National Parks, with the headliners like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Sequoia grabbing much of the attention. But for folks on the East Coast, visiting these natural wonders of the American West may be more of a road trip than time and energy allow -- picture a Griswold-style ordeal in the Family Truckster.

But with 58 National Parks (among a total of 392 protected areas) to explore, there is a family adventure waiting to happen wherever you live. Invaluable for any foray into the parks is the National Parks Service website, where you can plan activities, make necessary reservations and learn about the area's history and attractions.
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Top 10 Places Kids Should See

by Fran Golden. Posted Jul 15th 2010 01:39 PM
Parents wanting well-rounded kids are looking at summer travel experiences that go beyond a trip to the beach. So ShermansTravel set out to make finding educational and entertaining options easier by compiling a "Top 10 Places Kids Should See" list. All the locales chosen are in the U.S., and the website says they are ideal for kids of all ages. Here's the list (in no particular order):
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