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Budget Airlines' New Beach Destinations

by Cheryl Lock. Posted Feb 18th 2011 03:30 PM
budget airlines


Dreaming of a beach vacation, but not the high ticket prices and long layovers that usually come with it? Fear not. These budget airlines are debuting new non-stop routes to sunny and sandy destinations in Florida and the Caribbean, along with some very sweet prices.
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Hard Rock Opens All-Inclusive Resort in Punta Cana

by Libby Zay. Posted Jan 28th 2011 11:30 AM
Hard Rock Hotels has hopped on the all-inclusive bandwagon, and is set to open its first "everything paid" property in the Dominican Republic.
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Top 5 Hotels and Resorts in the Dominican Republic

by Christopher Curley. Posted Jan 27th 2011 09:09 AM
top 5 hotels and resorts in the dominican republic

With 1,000+ miles of sandy coastline, the Dominican Republic is a beach-lover's paradise and the biggest travel destination in the Caribbean. That translates to a lot of competition, which means the top 5 resorts in the Dominican Republic represent the upper echelon of Caribbean travel. They're not all five star resorts, but that's the point -- there are great places to stay here for both the high end and budget traveler.
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Where to Go in February

by Elizabeth Brady. Posted Jan 26th 2011 03:00 PM
Where to go in February

AI_HikesAZ, Flickr

February marks the peak of winter doldrums for most people – cold temperatures, dreary weather, and the onset of cabin fever after months of short days.

But on the bright side, the shortest month of the year is also sprinkled with plenty of reasons to escape on a trip, including Valentine's Day and President's Day Weekend. Packages and pricing tailored for those dates are widely available. Many winter sport destinations experience their best conditions in February, and there are plenty of warm weather options for those looking to get some sunshine. Here are our recommendations for where to go in the month of February.
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Adventure Activities in Punta Cana - Try if You Dare

by Conner Gorry. Posted Oct 20th 2010 04:38 PM
Adventure Activity Punta Cana

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Lounging on floury white sand beaches, beholding a majestic sunset and gourmet dining by candlelight with your loved one - these are staples of a memorable vacation. But what about soaring above those white sands via parasail or galloping along the shore as the sun dips below the horizon? These days, adventure activity in Punta Cana is part and parcel of the experience and all resorts feature a varied menu of travel adventures from a couple's massage to a scuba diving trip.
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