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Ten Secluded Beaches to Avoid the Masses

by Cheryl Lock. Posted Mar 26th 2011 02:00 PM
secluded beaches

olio582001, Flickr

People. Sometimes they suck. Sometimes there is no escaping the crushing mass of humanity. The solution to the homo sapien weary is to bolt to a secluded spot minus the screaming babies and even the beach blanket babes. Here are 10 secluded beaches for those looking to escape the insanity, and embrace the solitude.
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Secret Beaches of the US

by Jordan Simon. Posted May 19th 2010 03:08 PM

Asim Choudhri

Hate crowds? So do we. While the beauty and appeal of popular destination beaches is undeniable, the stretches are usually as sardine-packed as the Southern California waters when the grunions run. Fortunately, we found amazing sand-and-surf getaways for beachcombers who savor solitude, just in time for the summer season to go into full swing. Most are fairly remote and are accessible only by boat or strenuous hike while others fly under the radar despite being right under your zinc oxide-slathered nose. So grab a suit, towel, and book and hit these ten off-the-grid beaches.
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