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Five Unique New York City Walking Tours

by Annemarie Dooling. Posted Feb 24th 2011 04:00 PM
 City Walking Tours

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If you think you've seen all New York City has to offer, or if you are just looking for a different way to tour the city, try a walking tour. With a myriad of themes – catering to everyone from foodies to history lovers and beer drinkers – there's something for everyone, and you'll learn all you can about New York by experiencing it. Here are five unique New York City walking tours to get you started.
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Adventure Activities in Chicago -- Try if You Dare

by Cathleen Shaffer. Posted Sep 8th 2010 02:50 PM
Adventure Activities Chicago

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Do any of us in Chicago even know what "Toddlin' Town" means? It was Frank Sinatra who coined the phrase in his famous song "Chicago, Chicago," but in all honesty, most of us who live here don't really have a clue. But we do know he was spot on when he described this place as "the city that never sleeps".
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Adventure Activities in Paris -- Try if You Dare

by Larissa Ovitt. Posted Aug 30th 2010 05:12 PM
Adventure Activity Paris

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Paris is known as the fashion capital, romance capital and museum capital of the world. For visitors looking at a bit of an intense experience though, here are five adventure activities in Paris, France that we dare you to try:
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