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Safe and Dangerous Places in Tucson

by CK Frazier. Posted Oct 4th 2010 09:51 PM
Areas to Avoid Tucson


Settled in the southeastern corner of Arizona, Tucson is the second largest community in the Grand Canyon State. Tucson blends ancient culture with modern technology and wide expanses of national parks, dramatic mountain views and abundant wildlife. There is a host of entertainment opportunities, but Tucson also has one of the highest crime rates of cities its size, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is worth mentioning that there are certainly some areas to avoid in Tucson.

With a population of 486,591, the crime rate in Tucson is 10.07% compared to the national median of 4.7%. Violent offenses rate 1 in 99, while nonviolent crimes rate 1 in 10. Crime rates vary by neighborhood, with a higher concentration of criminal offenses reported in the southern part of the city and lower crime rates concentrated to the east and northwest. However, all is not lost. Although there are certainly dangerous places, Tucson boasts safe areas as well.
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