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From SPAM to Barbed Wire: Seven of the Weirdest Museums in America

by Rebecca Dolan. Posted May 13th 2011 07:00 AM
Seven of the Weirdest Museums in America

Wandering Eyre, flickr

Imagine: A whole museum dedicated to SPAM in all its canned, hammy goodness.

Well, imagine no longer – this place exists, as do a number of museums dedicated to oddities like funeral history, medical specimens, barbed wire and more. Better yet, they can all be found somewhere in the United States. So, if the idea of missing out on jewelry made of hair is too much to bear, check out some of the weirdest museums in America.
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America's Famous Hometowns

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Sep 7th 2009 05:32 PM

Dennis MacDonald / Alamy

What could be more American than a world-famous celebrity? This holiday season, why not take a break to visit the town where one of your idols grew up? In some cases, devoted fans can even stand in the exact spot where their heroes came into the world.
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