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Caterpillars in the Cockpit Ground Airplane in Australia

by Fran Golden. Posted Mar 22nd 2011 11:00 AM
It's not exactly "Snakes on a Plane" but an infestation of green caterpillars in the cockpit apparently forced a small airplane to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff in Brisbane, Australia.
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INXS Rocker Kicked Off Australian Flight

by Fran Golden. Posted Jan 27th 2011 12:27 PM
Former INXS frontman Jon Stevens was escorted by police officers off a Jetstar flight in Perth, Australia, after getting into a verbal confrontation with a flight attendant.
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If You Don't Have It, Fake It

by Aefa Mulholland. Posted Aug 18th 2010 05:33 PM

Artificial attractions from around the globe that are the real deal
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Top Shark Attack Beaches

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Sep 9th 2009 03:44 PM


When you see a body of water, do you instantly imagine razor-toothed monsters lurking below the surface? Sharks are nearly flawless stalking and killing machines, making them one of the planet's most evolved predators. Fortunately for us, we aren't at the top of the menu when it comes to the diet of a shark. On your average day at the beach, you have a much better chance of being struck by a bolt of lightning than being stalked by a big, slippery shark.
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