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Points of Interest: Israel to Equip Commercial Jets with Lasers, Virgin Cruise Lines May Be in the Works

by Zach Everson. Posted Mar 4th 2014 10:38 AM
El Al Boeing 777-200 (4X-ECD) landing at Heathrow Airport, London.
Israel's commercial jets will soon be firing lasers, Virgin Cruise Line may be next for Richard Branson and winter storms causing up to $500 million in losses for U.S. airlines are among today's points of interest.
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The All-American Road Trip to Break Your New Year's Resolutions

by Anna Brones. Posted Jan 1st 2014 03:30 PM

You stuffed yourself with food over the holidays and now you're committing to eating and living better. In 2014 you will be healthy! Or will you?

Already sick of those resolutions? Feel free to break them. We have the perfect road designed for you to do just that. From the Spam Museum to all-American barbecue, there are plenty of places across the country where you can break down and defy your good intentions.
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9 Holiday Cocktails from Around the United States

by Anna Brones. Posted Dec 27th 2013 09:24 AM
Santa Claus lying on a chair and drinking orange cocktail, enjoying on a sunny day, on a beach
So, it's officially drinking season. Well, holiday drinking season that is. In need of a festive drink? These eight cocktails from around the United States should get you in the mood (if you're not there already), and at the very least, inspire you to brew up a hot toddy at home.
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Wheeling To Good Eats: Top 5 Food Truck Cities in the U.S.

by MapQuest Discover. Posted Apr 11th 2013 10:00 AM

The Food Truck Revolution has officially hit.

From Portland to New York, everywhere people are dishing out meals on wheels - and they're not just serving hot dogs and pizza anymore. Food trucks' mobile nature, and chill, fun vibe also means the food is everything from vegetarian to Korean to Thai fusion, and a lot of it is true gourmet.
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Vacation at a Whole Foods Spa? It Could Happen.

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Mar 25th 2013 02:33 PM
whole foods spa

Whole Foods will soon open the company's first "upscale health resort."

The market's co-founder John Mackey told USA Today that the resort, which began as an internal idea after a successful program to improve its employees' eating and lifestyle habits, would likely open near Austin, Texas, in the next three years.
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