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Points of Interest: Still No Trace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

by Zach Everson. Posted Mar 10th 2014 10:04 AM
Malaysia Plane
Associated Press
The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 is among today's points of interest.
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Shanghai Tower, World's Second Tallest Building, Climbed by Two Guys -- Before It's Finished

by Zach Everson. Posted Feb 12th 2014 12:17 PM
shanghai Tower climbing video
YouTube/raskalovitThe view from the top of Shanghai Tower.
At 632 meters, Shanghai Tower is set to be the world's second tallest building when it opens later this year. So for most travelers, it's not a destination yet. These two guys, however, want to beat the line and get a jump start on the view.
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Points of Interest: United States' Only Palace Vandalized, Bobsledder's Sochi Accommodation Woes Continue

by Zach Everson. Posted Feb 11th 2014 09:18 AM

Zach Everson
Vandalism damaging Hawaii's Iolani Palace, the bobsledder who got stuck In his Sochi bathroom later getting stuck in an elevator and Yelpers pranking a homophobic restaurant owner with "best gay club" reviews are among today's points of interest.
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Celebrate Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, in...Kansas City?

by Diana Lambdin Meyer. Posted Jan 30th 2014 11:21 AM
Bruce N. Meyer
Although many of us are still recovering from our New Year's celebration and getting accustomed to writing 2014 instead of 2013 – it's time to start the party all over again. January 31 is the beginning of the Chinese year 4712, also known as The Year of The Horse. And for those of Chinese ancestry, this is the party of the year. Fireworks, parades, family gatherings -- it's like all North American holidays and celebrations rolled into one.
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North Korea Allows 360-Degree Street Views; They Look Lovely

by Zach Everson. Posted Jan 23rd 2014 09:56 AM
Juche Tower, Pyongyang
Getty Images/Flickr RM
North Korea's government granted Singaporean photographer Aram Pan rare access to shoot Google Street-like 360-degree panoramic photographs of the country. Well, some of the nation anyway.
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