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Shark Week: A Rigorous and Couchless Itinerary

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Aug 1st 2011 06:15 PM


It's Shark Week in America and most of us will be celebrating in the traditional fashion, lazing on the couch, beer in hand, flinching occasionally on behalf of a seal or hapless tuna. While this is a noble tradition and should be in no way criticized, there exists a more adventurous alternative.
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Top 5 Things to do in Myrtle Beach

by Meg Massie. Posted Nov 2nd 2010 05:35 PM
things to do in myrtle beach

It's hard to keep everyone happy on a family vacation, especially when your little ones have short attention spans and your older kids aren't interested in kiddie activities, while all you want to do is relax. Myrtle Beach, S.C., has become a top summer vacation destination because of its unique appeal to all ages. As you plan your next family vacation, check out these top 5 things to do in Myrtle Beach, and picture yourself on your best family vacation yet.
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Chattanooga with Kids: A Perfect Family Day

by Shellie Braeuner. Posted Aug 31st 2010 03:19 PM
Chattanooga with Kids: A Family Vacation


Chattanooga, TN is nestled between the Tennessee River and the Great Smoky Mountains. While it's famous for the Chattanooga Choo Choo, there is so much more to Chattanooga, and this vibrant city is the perfect place for a family vacation. Here's a list of the best things to do in Chattanooga with kids.
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Atlanta with Kids: A Perfect Family Day

by Constance Smith. Posted Aug 30th 2010 03:53 PM
Atlanta with Kids: A Family Vacation


While Atlanta, Georgia may not be the first city you think of when planning a family vacation with kids, this beautiful city has a great deal to offer any family. Whether your stay in Atlanta lasts a few hours or a few weeks, you will not run out of interesting things to do, see, and experience.
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