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How to Communicate Abroad When You Don't Speak the Local Language

by Terry Ward. Posted Mar 22nd 2013 01:27 PM
translation tools for travelers

Resurrecting some of your high school Spanish, French or German can come in handy when you're traveling -- even a little residual Latin can sometimes help you make sense out of a foreign sign. But while basic expressions like "¿Una cerveza, por favor?" and "Où est la piscine?" may be engrained in your brain, they'll only get you so far when it comes to really communicating abroad. So what to do when you're traveling to a place where the signs all look like Greek (or is that Cyrillic?) to you, and making sense of your surroundings doesn't seem so simple after all?
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Find Cheap Gas! We Tell You How with These Tips and Apps

by Jason Cochran. Posted Mar 8th 2011 06:00 PM
cheap gas finder

Andrew Ross, AFP / Getty Images

Gas prices are on the rise again, so travelers must be wiser about how to save money when they fill up their fuel tanks. I was on CBS's The Early Show for AOL Travel with tips on finding cheaper gasoline. From GasBuddy to FuelFinder, I've got advice for making the most of your dollar.
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I Got Hit for $450 in Phone Data Roaming Charges: What I Learned

by Sean O'Neill. Posted Feb 22nd 2011 06:00 PM
data roaming charges

Tizana Fabi, AFP / Getty Images

Travelers who use smartphones like the iPhone and the Google Nexus to check their e-mails or find their location on an online map may be slapped with unlimited charges while traveling in Europe and elsewhere. With millions of Americans now carrying Web-enabled phones, travelers are looking for money-saving tips when it comes to data roaming charges. Follow the easy device tips below to make sure you have no nasty phone bills after your vacation.
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Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in London

by Sean O'Neill. Posted Feb 14th 2011 05:30 PM
free wi fi in london


In London, finding free Wi-Fi is about as rare as seeing a local wear a baseball cap. So if you're a traveler wandering around town, how can you surf online without facing exorbitant overseas data charges on your phone or laptop?
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