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2013 Cruises: River Cruising, Exotic Ports and More Trends for the Year

by Paul Lasley. Posted Jan 8th 2013 02:21 PM
2013 Cruises, AquaDuck, Disney Cruises

Some 20 million passengers cruised in 2011, and indications are that the market remained strong in 2012. This in spite of a disastrous cruise ship accident and a spike in oil prices. All signs point to a healthy forecast for 2013 cruises. Here's a glimpse at what travelers can look forward to in the coming year.
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Fatt Kwee Wong Caught Smuggling Illegal Immigrants into U.S. Aboard Queen Mary 2

by Libby Zay. Posted May 9th 2011 10:45 AM

Jim Henderson/Wikimedia Commons

Authorities are saying a Malaysian man attempted to smuggle illegal Chinese immigrants into New York aboard Cunard's Queen Mary 2, a transatlantic ship deemed the "most luxurious ocean liner ever build."
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Cunard's 3 'Queen' Ships Meet under Fireworks in New York Harbor

by Jason Cochran. Posted Jan 13th 2011 08:43 PM
Three of the most celebrated and pedigreed liners in the world, Cunard's Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria, and the newly christened Queen Elizabeth, united on Thursday night for the first time in the harbor of New York City accompanied by pomp and a shower of fireworks.
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