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Monkey Thrills - and Oil Spills - in the Ecuadorian Amazon

by Elissa Richard. Posted Sep 4th 2013 01:47 PM
squirrel monkey
Sacha Lodge

When I started plotting a trip to Ecuador's Galapagos Islands this spring, I discovered that the country's section of the legendary Amazon, on the mainland, was feasible as a side trip. El Oriente, as the jungle here is dubbed, is a primordial pot brimming with biodiversity, a haven for the birds and the bees, and, perhaps most intriguing, a primo perch for primate viewing. With some dozen monkey species known to (literally) hang out here, the animal lover in me was already going bananas over the idea of it.
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9 Things Travelers Should Know About New York City's Bike Share

by Jess Moss. Posted Aug 13th 2013 09:09 AM
New York Citi Bike share

As New York City's bike share program enters its third month of service, the blue cruiser bikes have already been absorbed into the city's daily landscape. Sure, a few wealthy people grumble about the docks being eyesores. But in general New Yorkers are taking to the streets, using the Citi Bikes as a quick way to dodge traffic, avoid ever-increasing subway fares and, occasionally, take advantage of a free spinning machine. Travelers can also take advantage of the new rides. But should they?
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Beach Cruiser Ride: Myrtle Beach

by Lynn & Cele Seldon. Posted Jun 26th 2013 12:53 PM

Cycling at South Carolina's Myrtle Beach is two-wheel travel at its beachy best. Just south of Myrtle Beach proper, the Waccamaw Neck Bikeway punctuates the area's natural scenery with spots to savor fresh cooking and local art and architecture. Much of the paved path is closed to vehicular traffic, and it generally runs through wooded public land. Even in the heat of summer, we often make our way here from our home in Oak Island, N.C., to ride the shady trail.
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Flying High with Used Cooking Oil, Canola Oil -- or Pot?

by Harriet Baskas. Posted Apr 22nd 2013 11:15 AM
biofuel jet fuel story

We know pot can get you high, but can it also help airplanes fly? A biofuel company in Washington thinks so.
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Can Las Vegas Really go Green?

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Feb 21st 2013 03:33 PM
Family vacation trends

The neon-drenched city in the middle of the Nevada desert has been inching toward sustainability for a few years. Peter Greenberg chronicled green efforts in Las Vegas back in 2008. Modern Hippie did the same in 2010. Now, the city has taken a couple more interesting steps in the direction of eco-friendliness.
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Best Glamping Spots in America (PHOTOS)

by The Daily Meal. Posted Aug 12th 2011 09:00 AM
To answer the call for a less... rustic camping experience, glamping is the solution for even the most delicate adventure seekers.
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Yosemite National Park Strikes Back Against Campsite Scalping

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Jul 7th 2011 09:30 AM


Yosemite National Park has begun a crackdown on scalpers who are buying campsite reservations and reselling them at a drastic mark-up, creating a highly competitive market for tent space. NPR reports that the U.S. National Park Service has re-enforced the website where reservations are sold, helped flag reservations sold on Craigslist and eBay, and begun assiduously checking I.D.s against reservations.
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