Destin-Nation Cuba: Volunteering to Make Friends of Enemies

by Elizabeth Brady. Posted Jul 23rd 2011 03:00 PM

Peter Ashton/Flickr

It is a persistent misconception that Cuba's rigid socialist government already provides a solid amount of social aid to its citizens, and travel to the island is challenging for those with U.S. passports. There are ways to travel legally to Cuba as a US citizen, and volunteers from the states can attest that voluntourism to Cuba is increasingly popular.
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Destin-Nation Cambodia: Treating Wounds Outside the Temples

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Jul 14th 2011 10:30 AM
Tourists come to Cambodia to see the temples at Angkor Wat. Yes, some people make it down to the beautiful coast or even out to the pristine islands in the Bay of Thailand, but thanks to a lack of infrastructure (and imagination) this country has remained a one trick pony.
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Destin-Nation Guatemala: Treating the Tropical Troubles

by Vilmarie Estrella. Posted Jul 12th 2011 07:30 AM
Voluntourism: Guatemala


Forget Costa Rica. Guatemala's rough beauty and powerful history make it the desirable Central American destination for explorers with a philanthropic agenda.
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Destin-Nation Japan: Voluntourism After The Disaster

by Rebecca Ballhaus. Posted Jul 6th 2011 08:30 AM

Jun Termato/Flickr

After the earthquake triggered the tsunami and the tsunami sparked the nuclear meltdown, the world looked towards Japan - long an economic overachiever and regional powerhouse - with concern and wondered what could be done to help. Disconcertingly, the reality was that those without prior experience containing radiation weren't in the position to do very much good at all.
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Destin-Nation USA: Voluntouring America

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Jul 5th 2011 08:45 AM

Gary Soup/Flickr

America is blessed with such an incredible diversity of cities that travelers sometimes fall into the trap of taking towns at face value – seeing only the museums and sites along the most well-worn tourist trails. Aside from offering a chance to give back, "voluntourism" presents service-minded travelers with an opportunity to really get to know a town, to move past talking about the weather and have an earnest heart to heart.
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Destin-Nation South Africa: The Ultimate Surf and Turf

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Jun 30th 2011 07:30 AM
Destin-Nation South Africa: The Ultimate Surf and Turf


The southern tip of Africa is dense with parks, panoramas and possibilities. The only thing likely to constrain adventurers here is their own physical limitations and phobias. White Sharks wait in the water, lions prowl on land, and tourists who so choose swim in a shallow sea of adrenaline.

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Destin-Nation Canada: Adventure with a Capital Eh

by Andrew Burmon. Posted Jun 27th 2011 08:00 AM


If Mexico is America's backyard, fenced in places and cluttered with the remains of yesterday's projects, Canada is the front lawn: The north country is green, welcoming and perfect for a roll in the grass.
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Destin-Nation New Zealand: Southern Hemisphere Madness

by Stephen Greenwood. Posted Jun 24th 2011 08:10 AM
There are few countries better suited for adventure travel than the remote island nation of New Zealand. The intersection of breathtaking landscape and death-defying Kiwi ingenuity has made New Zealand one of the top destinations for brave souls looking to try a variety of extreme sports and outdoor excursions.
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Destin-Nation India: Off the Rails on the Subcontinent

by Saira Bajwa. Posted Jun 23rd 2011 09:00 AM


India is a much trumpeted cultural destination, but beyond the Taj Mahal and the Mumbai Gate lies a great deal of wild terrain. Deserts, picturesque lakes and winding rivers hide in the shadow of the Himalayas and all-but-empty white sand beaches line much of the southern coast. Just because a densely populated city is always nearby doesn't mean adventure is hard to find. After all, many of the most interesting adventures India has to offer are urban.
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Destin-Nation Chile: An Adventurer's Southern Playground

by Kraig Becker. Posted Jun 22nd 2011 07:00 AM
Destin-Nation Chile: An Adventurer's Southern Playground

Kraig Becker, AOL Travel

When it comes to adventure travel options, few places on the planet can rival Chile. Squeezed between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, the South American country has long been a popular destination for backpackers, climbers and paddlers looking to explore some of the most remote and beautiful wildernesses on the planet.
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