5 Tips for River Cruising

by Jess Moss. Posted Oct 24th 2013 02:00 PM
danube river cruise passengers
Jess Moss, AOL

You've chosen your cruise operator and picked which river you want to explore. Your airline tickets are booked and you're eager to relax with a glass of wine as a dreamy landscape passes by. Before you go, here are five tips to help you make the most of your river cruise adventure.
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Is River Cruising the Right Vacation for You?

by Jess Moss. Posted Oct 23rd 2013 03:00 PM
austria river cruise
Jess Moss, AOL
A castle looms larger as it gets closer, jutting out over terraced vineyard hills that slope down to the cloudy river water. A crew member appears, clean gray vest buttoned over a white collared shirt, asking if you'd like another glass of wine. You smile, nod, sink deeper into the sundeck chaise lounge and watch as your river cruise ship floats serenely along.

Dream trip, right?
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River Cruising: Do You Get Your Money's Worth?

by Jess Moss. Posted Oct 22nd 2013 11:07 AM
Wachau Valley Castle River Cruise
Jess Moss, AOL
One of the biggest draws of river cruising is that you pay a lump sum and your entire vacation is handed to you on a silver platter (or a black neoprene travel folder in Viking's case).

Included in the package are your hotel, which travels with you (unpacking only once, score!); all meals, some of which are three courses or more; ground transportation (again, the traveling hotel); and local tours and information. Perks can include air conditioning (rare in parts of Europe that can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in summer) and a full-service staff to keep you informed and oriented despite any local language and cultural barriers.

The ease of travel is enough to justify a river cruise's price tag for many. Others, myself included, who are used to coordinating every element of a trip, may wonder whether the cost is worth it. If you DIY, how much money would you save?
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Danube River Cruise Through Germany, Austria and Hungary (PHOTOS)

by Jess Moss. Posted Oct 22nd 2013 11:00 AM
river cruise boats Vienna Austria
Jess Moss, AOL
Onion-domed churches, vineyards chiseled into hills, ancient castles and grand palaces: a river cruise on the Danube is a scenic affair. In August I joined Viking River Cruise's Romantic Danube trip from Nuremberg to Budapest. Along the way the boat stopped at historic riverside towns and cities, including Regensburg, Passau, Melk and Vienna.

Follow along in the slidehsow below to see what it's like to spend a week on the water cruising one of Europe's grandest rivers.
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River Cruise Timelapse Video: 8 Days in 2 Minutes

by Jess Moss. Posted Oct 21st 2013 03:00 PM
Danube River Cruise Timelapse

One of the best things about river cruising is the slow pace of the trip. Boats float along peacefully and stop regularly at towns and cities for on-the-ground explorations. But if you're short on time, you can see what an 8-day river cruise looks like in less than 2 minutes.

In August I rode on Viking's Romantic Danube river cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest. Here's a view from the bow as the boat sailed from Germany to Austria to Hungary.
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8 Money-Saving Tips For Your Next Cruise Vacation

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Apr 22nd 2013 04:29 PM
money savings tips for cruises

Recent images of a cruise ship limping back to port after an engine malfunction didn't do the cruise industry any favors heading into the summer vacation season. And cringe-worthy accounts from passengers who had to make do without power or working toilets for five days may have turned some travelers off cruising for good.
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Titanic II: Coming to the Atlantic Ocean in 2016

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Feb 27th 2013 11:42 AM
Trendy Stories: Titanic II, North Korea Instagrams

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has unveiled his blueprints for Titanic II, a replica of the ill-fated cruise ship that succumbed to an iceberg in 1912 and, in the wake of that tragedy, became an object of fascination for generations.
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Carnival Triumph Returns to Shore

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Feb 15th 2013 09:37 AM
First Person: On Board Carnival Triumph

After more than five days disabled at sea, the Carnival Triumph finally docked in Mobile, Alabama last night. Because only one elevator on the ship was working, it took several hours for all the passengers to disembark.

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Carnival Triumph Remains Stranded in Gulf of Mexico (Update)

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Feb 14th 2013 03:17 PM
A tow line being used to pull the Carnival Triumph snapped this afternoon, setting back the efforts to bring the damaged cruise ship and its 3,143 passengers to port in Mobile, Alabama. Coast Guard Petty Officer William Colclough told the AP the ship is "dead in the water and when they reconnect safely, they then proceed on their way."
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