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Destin-Nation Honduras: Central American Travel on the Cheap

by Andrew Burmon. Posted Jun 9th 2011 07:30 AM
Destin-Nation Honduras: Central American Travel on the Cheap

Micah & Erin, flickr

Honduras is the in the middle of a massive tourism infrastructure build out, which makes now the time for budget travelers to take advantage of increasing accessibility and still low prices.
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Destin-Nation Ukraine: A Former SSR on a Budget

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Jun 8th 2011 07:30 AM

Tanya K./Flickr

Ukraine isn't the first destination to top everybody's list, but it should be. The former Soviet republic is a prime destination for history buffs, outdoorsmen and adventure travelers alike.
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Destin-Nation Ireland: Budget Travel in Clover

by Andrew Burmon. Posted Jun 7th 2011 07:30 AM
A Guide to Budget Ireland

catsper, flickr

Ireland has always been a popular destination for Americans, many of whom trace their ancestry to the island. Yet there is more on offer here than nostalgia for famines past. For those traveling on a budget, Ireland offers easy access to areas of tremendous natural beauty and an invitation to participate in local events and customs.
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Destin-Nation Greece: Budget Travel on the Cheap

by Rebecca Dolan. Posted Jun 6th 2011 06:33 AM
Destin-Nations Budget Greece

eguidetravel, flickr

Greece on a budget. Looking for an inexpensive European getaway? Look no further than the land of the philosophers, whitewashed and blue domed churches, Hercules and those other gyros.
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Destin-Nation Costa Rica: Hitting the Beach in Central America

by Rebecca Dolan. Posted Jun 2nd 2011 07:00 AM
Destin-Nations Costa Rica

martingarri, flickr

With coasts on both the Pacific and Caribbean, Costa Rica is defined both physically and culturally by its 750 miles of parenthetical shoreline. To the traveler, that means not only that there is no shortage of beaches backed by tropical forests, but also that sun-bathing can count as a cultural activity. Whether it's relaxing seclusion or seaside parties, Costa Rica has a beach for any travel type.
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National Public Gardens Day: 10 Under-The-Radar Gardens To Visit This Mother's Day (PHOTOS)

by Kate Auletta. Posted May 6th 2011 07:30 AM

American Public Gardens Association

May 6th marks the 3rd annual National Public Gardens Day. Created to bring awareness to the importance of public gardens in promoting environmental stewardship and plant and water conservation, the day will see some 500 events across the country to celebrate America's public gardens.
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Summer Travel 2011: The Great Big Summer Travel Poll Recap

by AOL Travel Staff. Posted Apr 22nd 2011 07:00 AM
Summer Travel 2011


Gas prices and high airfare are going to suck for summer travelers in 2011. At least that's what we've gathered from our first Great Big Summer Travel Poll. Not the most shocking discovery – travelers despise expensive gas and pricey airfare. But, other results might come as a surprise...
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Readers Choice: 7 Retro Drive-In Theaters

by Rebecca Dolan. Posted Apr 14th 2011 07:30 AM
Drive-In theaters

spanaut, flickr

You spoke, we listened. AOL Travel's post on the nation's coolest retro drive-in theaters got so many comments from readers that we're doing it once more...with your picks. Loyal (and opinionated) readers from across the country wrote in what they think we missed--from spots in places from Massachusetts to California. So here goes: Seven more delightfully old-school drive-in theaters worth a visit, as suggested by you.
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The Great Big 2011 Summer Travel Poll

by Elizabeth Brady. Posted Apr 13th 2011 07:00 AM
summer travel

MrTopher, Flickr

With summer travel season just around the corner, AOL Travel wants to know what your plans are, your pet peeves, do you go on cruises or family vacays, or stick around for "staycays" – and how global or economic events might be impacting your summer vacations. Come on now, have your say.
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The Camping Guide For the Clueless

by Amber DeGrace. Posted Mar 24th 2011 06:00 PM
camping equipment

warmsunnydays, Flickr

Beer and BBQ aside, relaxing with the fam in The Great Outdoors (not the movie with John Candy) is an excellent way to leave everyday life behind. Not everybody knows how to camp though. For some it has been but merely a dream of green and toilets dug in the ground. Dream no more! Read on for our beginners guide to camping
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