Travel Ideas

Snow Blankets Northeast, Disrupts Travel: Photos

by Liz Behler. Posted Dec 27th 2010 02:29 PM
The Northeast is experiencing travel snags after Sunday's snowstorm battered the coast from Philadelphia to Boston. From skiers in Times Square to snow covered planes, take a look at photos and video from the big freeze.
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Philadelphia Flight Grounded After Unidentified Baggage Handler Vanishes

by Liz Behler. Posted Oct 7th 2010 03:27 PM

Joe Jones, flickr

An unidentified baggage handler prompted a Bermuda-bound flight out of Philadelphia International Airport to be evacuated Thursday.
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Travel Hero: I Broke My Leg in Bali

by Liz Behler. Posted Jun 23rd 2010 02:45 PM

Pamela Tibbs

Pamela Tibbs was no stranger to the island. In fact, she had been visiting Bali for over 10 years. But it wasn't until a young Balinese man named Ketut helped to save her leg, and possibly her life, that it began to feel like home.
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JetBlue Pilot Removed From Flight After Threatening to Hurt Himself

by Liz Behler. Posted May 21st 2010 01:34 PM

Boston Logan; dsearis, flickr

Reports that a heartbroken JetBlue pilot threatened to crash a plane he was scheduled to fly out of Boston on Thursday are misleading, according to a statement made by George Naccara, the airport's federal safety director.
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Cruise Ship Environmental Report Card Results "Aren't Pretty"

by Liz Behler. Posted May 20th 2010 01:09 PM
Friends of the Earth, an environmental group based in San Francisco, released its second annual "Cruise Ship Environmental Report Card" on Wednesday, along with a statement that the results of the review "aren't pretty."
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Site Lets Tourists "Rent a Local Friend"

by Liz Behler. Posted May 19th 2010 12:40 PM

Louvre, Paris; phillyreconstructed, flickr

Put the quackers down, and step away from the double decker tour bus -- the best way to discover a new city is with a knowledgeable friend by your side. For those of us who aren't lucky enough to have friends positioned around the world, one company is helping travelers out by letting them rent one.
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Michael Jackson's Doctor Helps Airplane Passenger

by Liz Behler. Posted May 17th 2010 03:10 PM

cliff1066, flickr

The doctor accused of killing Michael Jackson stabilized a young woman who fell unconscious on a flight from Houston to Phoenix Saturday.
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US Botany Professor Detained in Cairo Airport with Cache of Weapons

by Liz Behler. Posted May 14th 2010 01:48 PM

Terminal 1, Cairo Airport; Wikimedia Commons

An Egyptian-American man was detained at Cairo International Airport earlier this week, when customs officials found a cache of weapons including two 9 mm handguns, 250 rounds of ammunition, two swords, 5 daggers and 6 knives in his checked luggage.
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Abu Dhabi Gets Gold Vending Machine

by Liz Behler. Posted May 13th 2010 03:11 PM

Gold To Go

Like something from a James Bond film, Abu Dhabi's top hotel, the Emirates Palace, recently debuted a vending machine that dispenses gold bars.
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Hilton and JetBlue Partner Loyalty Programs

by Liz Behler. Posted Apr 22nd 2010 01:01 PM


JetBlue and Hilton have teamed up to provide more perks to card-carrying members of their loyalty programs. Last week the companies announced a partnership that would link the HHonors and TrueBlue programs, giving members more ways to earn points.
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