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Chicago Spring Break Crawl: Lincoln Park Zoo, Shedd Aquarium and More

by Elaine Glusac. Posted Mar 4th 2014 11:45 AM
Spirit of Chicago Cruise Lake Michigan
Eat all you can aboard the Spirit of Chicago sightseeing yacht as it glides across Lake Michigan. Photo: Spirit of Chicago.

Spring fever rages in Chicago where the perennially pent-up-by-winter shed a dozen pounds -- literally and psychically -- just by shrugging off their Gore-Tex and shedding Sorels.

Get the All-Inclusive Treatment: Spirit of Chicago
Pay one price for a bundled food or drink experience

Combine a sightseeing tour with an all-you-can-eat meal aboard Spirit of Chicago. The Navy Pier-based, 600-capacity yacht makes dining tours several times weekly. Gorge on salads and chicken at lunch (from $49.90) and sirloin and talapia at dinner (from $72.90) between selfies and panoramas of the skyline.
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Meet the Flavorman

by Elaine Glusac. Posted Jul 30th 2013 11:00 AM
Dave Dafoe Flavorman

Among the refreshments offered to students at Moonshine University in Louisville, Kentucky, cans of bourbon Coke stand out, first because the drink tastes like a powerful whiskey and cola and second because it's nonalcoholic. It's just a little something flavor maniac Dave Dafoe whipped up for fun.

"I want to flavor the world!" laughed Dafoe, not entirely joking as about 20 students -- ranging from veteran local bartenders to thirsty tourists -- file into a former mechanic's-garage-turned-booze-school known as the Distilled Spirits Epicenter.
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Las Vegas's 6 Best Buffet Hangover Cures

by Elaine Glusac. Posted May 23rd 2013 04:57 PM
Eggs Benedict Caesar's Palace hangover cure

Other than showgirls and the neon cowboy known as Vegas Vic, few things are more endemic to Las Vegas than a hangover. From free drinks for casino gamblers to beer-soaked poolside parties and nightclubs that never stop, booze and its aftereffects are constant companions for many Sin City visitors.

Revelers seeking hair-of-the-dog fixes to absorb all those toxins should train their bleary eyes no farther than the following buffet cures.
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