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Discover Something New at Home in Minneapolis

by Doug Mack. Posted Dec 17th 2013 11:00 AM
Minneapolis skyline and stone arch bridge at dusk with Mississippi River in foreground.
Minnesota's two favorite conversation topics remain unchanged: the weather's still weird; the Vikings still abysmal. The past year has mostly been a matter of anticipation and discussion of what's coming soon: a new light-rail line connecting Minneapolis and Saint Paul (next summer) and massive redevelopment in Minneapolis' Downtown East, including a new Vikings stadium.
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Best Halloween Neighborhoods in America

by Doug Mack. Posted Oct 17th 2013 03:30 PM

Halloween in Boston
Getty Images
A great Halloween is not really about the candy, despite the youthful ambitions of an epic sugar haul. Like any holiday, it's about a shared celebration of traditions and rituals, the trappings here being spooky costumes, individually wrapped chocolates and all things pumpkin. In fact, Halloween is arguably more community-oriented than other holidays -- when was the last time you walked around your neighborhood on Thanksgiving, greeting friends and strangers alike, sampling a turkey leg here, some cranberry sauce there?

In that civic-minded spirit, we set out on a quest to find the best neighborhoods for Halloween, the places that go above and beyond in their celebrations. Some were renowned for being trick-or-treating hotspots, with streets lined with DIY decorations and crowded with thousands of pint-sized witches and superheroes. Others took a more adult-oriented approach, with masquerade balls remixed as rowdy street parties. And in some cases, it was all about the pumpkins, the bigger and more numerous the better.
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Fourth of July Celebrations Outside the U.S.A.

by Doug Mack. Posted Jul 2nd 2013 04:00 PM
American flag in front of sun

When you can't go home for the holidays, sometimes you have to fake it. For American expats on the 4th of July, that means not just celebrating our nation's independence and history but also creating or seeking out the cherished traditions of the day. It means barbecue and hamburgers and hotdogs. It means music -- a marching band, banjo serenade or gospel rendition of "America the Beautiful." It definitely means fireworks.
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