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48 Hours in Ann Arbor, Michigan

by David Kiley. Posted Nov 5th 2013 11:00 AM
Construction at Michigan Stadium (the Big House) - University of Michigan's Football Stadium
While Detroit endures nonstop bad publicity, nearby Ann Arbor thrives. It remains not only the home of the University of Michigan, but the center of research and technology for the entire automotive industry, including Asian brands like Toyota and Hyundai. It is a magnet town for people transferred to the area from abroad or urban centers like New York and San Francisco to work in the auto industry or for the university.

Open up the Ann Arbor Observer's monthly calendar and you will find a river of musical performances, lectures, classes, theater and social connections for every possible niche group or interest - from quilters and beekeepers to LGBT. It all adds up to a great place to live and visit.
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Following in the Footsteps of Our Fallen Fathers in Belgium

by David Kiley. Posted Aug 8th 2011 01:00 PM

Crossing over to Belgium from Germany is seamless. AOL Auto's David Kiley finds his way to the next and last stop on the journey to find the footsteps and final resting place of his Uncle Eddie. The trip was made easy by the navigation system in the 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited he took on the trip.
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Germany: Following in The Footsteps of Fallen Fathers: Part 2

by David Kiley. Posted Aug 4th 2011 04:00 PM
Germany: Following in The Footspes of Fallen Fathers: Part 2

David Kiley/AOL Travel

As I turned South onto Rt. 399 from the A4, the trip through Germany with my traveling partner got almost involuntarily quieter. It was the road leading us to Hurtgenwald, a small village that was the epicenter of the 1944 battle in which my Uncle Eddie was killed.
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German History on the Road with AOL Autos' David Kiley

by David Kiley. Posted Aug 2nd 2011 10:55 AM

David Kiley, AOL Autos

Bumping around Europe to see old-world cities, museums and the like is always fun. But sometimes I like to have a mission, a journey, even a quest to guide my travels. Ten years ago, I tried to extend a business trip to Frankfurt, Germany with a side-trip to the Aachen area to the West where my uncle Eddie was killed during World War II, and then to his grave in Belgium; I had never been. But my trip was interrupted by the terrorist attacks on 9/11 back in the U.S. On the tenth anniversary of the attacks, I decided it was time to take care of unfinished business.
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